Terms and Conditions
1. Subject and validity of the contract

According to the present contract, the lessor, named in the contract (henceforth Lessor), gives the above specified vehicle for a certain period of time to the lessee (henceforth Lessee).

2. Checking out the vehicle

2.1. Lessee takes the vehicle (henceforth Vehicle), chosen from the Lessor’s offer in normal technical condition, including the equipment and accessories specified in the contract, including the compulsory accessories according to the Highway Code. Lessor gives Lessee the key, the logbook and all the documents necessary to use the Vehicle.

2.2. When taking the Vehicle, Lessee must review the technical condition, the damages of the Vehicle (if there is any) and the traffic appropriateness of the Vehicle. A report is made concerning the check out/check in of the Vehicle, in which Lessee confirms with his/her signature that he/she had taken the Vehicle in normal technical condition with all the compulsory accessories.

2.3. Lessee takes the Vehicle clean and fully tanked. If the vehicle is not fully tanked, it must return tanked the same way.

3. Rental period

The so called ‘rental period’ begins in the hour of taking the Vehicle, consisting of 24 consecutive hours. The next period of 24 consecutive hours is another rental day.

4. Regulations concerning rental & other fees

4.1. Lessor bills the expected rental fee upon handover of the Vehicle.

4.2. When taking the Vehicle, Lessee leaves a deposit, which is not less than € 667, and is refunded as soon as the Vehicle is returned and no unexpected costs have arisen, which must be paid by the Lessee according to the contract. 4.3.If the car is returned dirty or is not fully tanked, the arisen costs plus half a day rental fee may be charged (See Maintenance Pricelist).

4.4. During the rental period, the costs arisen in connection with the normal usage of the Vehicle are to be paid by the Lessee.

4.5. In case the Lessee meets any of his/her debt obligation according to the contract late, he/she must pay double the Hungarian default interest. If Lessee does not meet the debt obligation within 60 days, Lessor may publicize the arrears.

4.6. Lessee is advised that in case the Vehicle runs more kms than agreed in the contract, for each extra km Lessor charges as follows:

I. category: Economy, Compact: 0,1 EUR/km

II. category: Intermediate, Hybrid: 0,15 EUR/km

III. category: Plug-in hybrid, Standard, Full size, 7-seater, 9-seater: 0,19 EUR/km

5. Rights and obligations of the Lessee

5.1. Lessee may use the car only in the Schengen Zone (in such countries of the EU where there is no obligatory stop when crossing the border), plus in Croatia and in Switzerland. To use the Vehicle in other countries, a written extra border crossing permit of the Lessor is mandatory.

5.2. The driver must be 21 years old, or older (at cars with 100kW performance and over the minimum age is 25 years) and must have at least 1 year driving practice, must have a valid driving licence and an EU member issued ID card or a passport. The Vehicle may only be driven by the specified drivers. The Lessee is responsible for the Vehicle to be driven by only authorized persons.

5.3. Lessee may not:

a) participate in any race or competition or similar activity with the Vehicle.

b) use the vehicle to transport flammable, radioactive or any other dangerous material

c) give the Vehicle as a deposit or guarantee, and to pawn, let out or sell the Vehicle

d) use the Vehicle businesslike, or for educational purposes;

e) use the Vehicle to tow or to move any other vehicle or trailer;

f) drive the Vehicle under the influence of alcohol, drugs or medicine, which have an effect to driving ability

g) use the car differently from normal usage or not according to the user’s manual by the manufacturer or not according to the contract.

5.4. Lessee must get acquainted with the normal usage and maintenance of the Vehicle. Lessee must reserve the Vehicle in the same technical condition as when taking it, except for the amortization caused by normal usage. By amortization the normal aging according to the time and the mileage is meant. The Lessee must check the Vehicle’s technical condition before every usage. Lessor is not responsible for any damage or fine caused by the technical condition the Vehicle.

5.5. Parking and other fines are paid by the Lessee. Lessee allows Lessor in such cases to give his/her personal particulars to the certain authority and to charge on his/her credit card the arisen costs (fines and administration) within 90 day after receiving them. If as a result of an authority arrangement the Vehicle was carried away, all the arisen costs must be paid by the Lessee.

The administration fee is 20 EUR / every started working hour.

5.6. Lessee must avoid any action that may result in a claim by a third person in connection with the Vehicle. Lessee must use every security equipment when using or leaving the Vehicle. For any loss caused by the Lessee not using a certain security equipment, the Lessee is fully responsible.

5.7. The Lessee may not make any changes in the Vehicle. If the Lessee has changed the Vehicle whether inside or outside, he/she must cover the costs and losses in connection with the reconstruction.

5.8. Smoking is strictly prohibited in the vehicle. If Lessee smokes in the Vehicle, Lessor charges 100 EUR on top of the possible other repair costs.

6. Rights and obligations of the Lessor

The Vehicle is owned or rented for letting out by the Lessor. The servicing and technical revision is made by the Lessor. Technical review or servicing by third persons may only be made with a written permission from the Lessor. Lessor may check the technical condition of the Vehicle any time.

7. Insurance

The rental fee includes third party and casco insurances, Assistance (7/24/365) insurance. In case of an accident caused by the Lessee, he/she is responsibly until the amount of the excess. The excess depends on the choice of the Lessee’s insurance. Lessor or the owner the vehicle bills the repair costs or the excess. The excess is at least 10% of the repair cost and no less than 667 EUR. If the car does not have Casco insurance, the loss over the excess is taken over by the Lessor.

8. Losses, damages, theft or losing the Vehicle. Responsibility for losses.

8.1. Lessee must be careful to avoid the damage, loss or stealing the Vehicle.

8.2. If Lessee damages another Vehicle, any valuables or human life or health, Lessor must be advised promptly. Lessor connects the insurance company of the Vehicle. If Lessee does not advise Lessor promptly, he/she takes the total responsibility for any claims or damages.

8.3. Lessee is totally responsible for any losses or damages, which have arisen in connection with the violation of the contract.

8.4. In case of an accident, Lessor notifies the insurance company. If the driver was not authorized in the contract, Lessee takes the total responsibility for any claims or damages.

8.5. If an accident happens Lessee must promptly advise the Lessor and the police, and the police report must be given to the Lessor. The report must contain the names, addresses, dates of birth, location of birth, nationality, mother’s name, ID number of the witnesses, the license numbers of other participating cars and the name and address of the authorities, which have made an arrangement. Lessee must fulfill the law obligations for participants of accidents. The Lessee may not accept any claims by third persons, in connection with the accident. In case of any loss or damage, the Lessee must advise the Lessor promptly, and must prosecute the case to the police.

8.6. The Lessee is also responsible for smaller damages, like damages of the varnish, damages of tires, damages of the cabin interior, damages caused by unknown persons etc. The Lessee is fully responsible for damages caused by the abuse of the Vehicle.

8.7. The Lessee is responsible until the actual new price of the Vehicle if it is stolen and Lessee cannot provide Lessor with the original key and every documentation of the Vehicle and the rental.

8.8. Lessee is fully responsible for the total amount of the damage, if it had happened due to driving under the influence of alcohol, other intoxicating substances (drugs, medicine) or due to violation of the Traffic Laws (Highway Code); if the Vehicle was driven by an unauthorized person (person not specified int he rental contract); if the fluids (e.g. oil, cooling water etc) drain; in case the type or quality of fuel or oil differs from the orders of the manufacturer.

8.9. If Lessee does not fulfill his/her obligation to cooperate with Lessor, and does not promptly advise Lessor about the newly arisen damages or malfunctions of the car, whether they had been caused by aging or abuse, Lessor may charge the arisen costs to Lessee’s credit card for 30 days after returning the car.

8.10. In case of more specified drivers, they are conjointly responsible.

9. Returning the Vehicle

9.1. When the rental period is over, Lessee must return the Vehicle with all its accessories, documentation and keys in the previously fixed time and location, in the same condition as when taking the Vehicle, except for the amortization caused by normal usage. Any other location and timing is only possible after agreeing with Lessor (extra fees may arise).

9.2. The Vehicle must be returned clean and fully tanked, otherwise according to 3rd paragraph, Lessor may charge the arisen costs.

9.3. In case the Vehicle is not returned in the time specified in the contract, it is called ‘default in returning the Vehicle’. In such situation, Lessor may take back the Vehicle promptly.

9.4. Lessee is advised, that in case of a default in returning the Vehicle, Lessor may prosecute the case to the police as car theft and may initiate court proceedings against Lessee. In such situation, Lessee bears all the consequences.

9.5. All the costs arisen in connection with taking back the Vehicle must be covered by Lessee.

9.6. Lessee must announce to the Lessor his/her will to elongate the rental period at least 24 hours before the expiry of the contract.

9.7. Similarly, if Lessee wants to return the Vehicle earlier, he/she must announce it at least 24 hours before the demanded time. Lessee is advised that Lessor may charge the entire remaining rental fee, and cover all the arising costs in connection with the earlier return.

9.8. In case of elongation present contract holds true.

10. Termination of the contract

10.1. Present contract terminates automatically, unless parties decide otherwise consensually.

10.2. In case of violation of the contract or if the Vehicle is damaged, Lessor may terminate the contract immediately.

10.3. Present contract terminates automatically if the Vehicle is stolen or destructed, which does not mean a waiver of Lessors claims.

11. Communication

All written messages sent by the Lessor to the Lessee’s given phone or email contacts are considered delivered at the time of sending.

12. Closing disposals

Terms and Conditions is an inseparable part of the contract. In cases not regulated in present contract or in Terms and Conditions, the Civil Code of Hungary is authoritative. Present contract is inseparable and completely corresponsive with the original.